Writing and strategy for a seamless customer journey 

The traditional marketing funnel is dead, your content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the most holistically-minded brand wins the market’s (limited) attention. 

Get their attention with engaging content writing.

Win them over with persuasive conversion copywriting.

Help them meet their goals with conversational UX copy.

Content Writing for Brand Awareness and Trust 

Sample deliverables: 


  • A quarterly content roadmap aligned to target keywords and audience pain points (from customer/prospect interviews).
  • Editorial guidelines for voice, tone, and consistency across content, with sample articles to use as quality benchmarks.  
  • Increasing the reach and impact from existing or planned content—mapping a strategic plan for content distribution, optimizing CTAs or page-level UX, or editing for on-page SEO best practices.

Copywriting for Conversion and Growth

Sample deliverables: 


  • A full-funnel conversion package that takes prospects from ads, to an email-gated offer, to a nurture drip, to conversion. 
  • A rigorously researched and A/B tested sales email or sales page designed to make a product-aware prospect click “buy.” 
  • A rewrite of a webpage (or entire website) that’s just not converting—ensuring its best poised to position your product at the nexus of your prospects’ needs and desires.

UX Writing for Retention and Loyalty

Sample deliverables: 


  • A comprehensive voice and tone guide to ensure UX copy consistency—based on existing design principles, or developed from stakeholder and customer interviews.  
  • An audit and rewrite of existing UX copy for accessibility and clarity.
  • A chatbot flow that eliminates confusion or drives engagement at any point of your product experience. 
  • Product walkthroughs for new feature releases, product free trials, or as apart of a new user onboarding experience. 

Foundational strategy for breakthrough branding

Sample deliverables: 


  • Jobs-to-be-Done story or persona development that’ll reshape your understanding of your market or your users.
  • Competitive analysis and customer interviews that’ll unearth your product or services’ most beneficial value proposition. 
  • An audit of your existing marketing content and an in-depth analysis of your greatest strengths and assets.

Three ways to work together 

1. Maximize your impact with hands on consulting


I’ll listen. We’ll plan. I’ll execute. We’ll learn from the results. 


Consulting engagements allow me to see a project through from start to finish—diving deep into what makes your brand tick, executing a strategy that’s your best bet for success, and leaving you and your team with the know-how to continue growing.

2. Increase your engagement, conversions, or retention fast with a quick turn writing project


Well-thought out blog pieces that fall flat? Well designed landing pages that just don’t convert? User-focused chatbot flows that just feel off? 


Copy can make or break your marketing and UX. I’ll write (or rewrite) what’s missing, what’s lacking, or what’s just not clicking for your audience. 

3. Coffee break consulting


Book an hour (or an afternoon) of my time to talk through your most pressing marketing project. I’ll wave my fee if we decide to work together on something bigger.