Social Good - Mac Hasley
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Every invoice makes an impact.

When your for-profit brand hires me, some worthy nonprofit brands get a boost.


Here are a few ways I help.

I donate up to 5-10% of everything I bill.

Option 1: Give.


Have a cause that’s important to you, or to your company? Great. I’ll throw a donation their way in your name.



Option 2: Pay it forward.


Not particular? Even better. I’ll take whatever that 5-10% of your invoice equals, and put it towards services for nonprofit brand that needs my help.



I invoice you for $5000. I reach out to a nonprofit in my network, and offer them $500 of free work. I tell them: “Hey, you have this great brand to thank for my contribution.” They write you a thank you card maybe and probably name a panda after you.


“Do good” brands deserve good marketing.

Nonprofits: use me to maximize your reach, while you minimize your overhead.

Social good discounts

Once we decide to work together, I automatically invoice nonprofits 25% off any set project or package. No conditions applied, no questions asked.

Pay-what-you-can copywriting

When I have the bandwidth—I literally work for “what you can afford.” If your marketing budget is running thin, and your marketing goals are bigger than ever: hit me up.

Pro-bono consulting

If you have a team that can execute, but you could use some new direction—I offer free consulting for for-purpose companies.