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About This Project

Facebook ad targeting has gotten pretty good.


But it can’t know if you’re free and in Philadelphia on September 18th at 11am. It can’t know how much time you can take off work, if your company sponsors employee education initiatives, if you learn better on your own or in a class….


Let’s back up a bit.


HFI is the leader in UX training and education. It has been since “UX” was a thing you could be trained in. It wants more students in their classes—but their sales cycle is long. They do the bulk of their training in person. Attending is not cheap. So you need the right combination of trust and timing to make someone press “buy.”


To successfully play the long game, they needed a proper funnel. After repurposing their existing content into an email-gate-worthy “toolkit”;we built ads, wrote a landing page, and developed an email drip—ready to nurture their leads until the time was right to convert.


Read the Full Drip: 

Lead Magnet Landing Page

Email Drip

Sales Page


Email Marketing, Full Funnel, Website Copy