About - Mac Hasley
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 I’m a woman of my word[s].

here are a few I live and write by.

The gist:

  • I make the words work.
  • I’ve been in marketing for ~6 years.
  • I know that a good copywriter’s job is 95% strategy.
  • I know that a good strategy comes to doing the right research.
  • I’ve managed every element of a marketing funnel — from brand voice development to Facebook ad management to email automation to content strategy to conversion rate optimization, to video script copy, to the responses of chat robots.
  • I will ask for strict deadlines and I will meet them.
  • Yes, I am online right now to answer that question about that thing that just came up.
  • I give a percentage of every invoice to charity.
  • I love marketing because it provides constant opportunities to learn.
  • You can contact me here or here or here.

The deets

I didn’t freelance for long before I smelled money burning.


Because here’s what I was seeing happen:


I’d run into an agency picking up a writer up for a project. Or an in-house team that’s short-staffed, and needed someone in to fill the gaps. Or an entrepreneur dependent on an army of disconnected, outsourced freelancers.


And the copy just. wouldn’t. work.  


Because if your copywriter doesn’t understand “the rest of it”…


(your landing page design, the target audience for your paid ads, the results from your last campaign)


…you end up with marketing done in fragments. Writing that has a jarring, inconsistent “voice.” Design that makes text look bulky. A disconnected message—between the audience and the goal, and the copy and the content—throughout a campaign. 


I was sick of seeing marketing campaigns that didn’t make sense.


I was sick of writing copy that didn’t have an honest chance to sell things.


I worked harder to see the full picture.


So yes. Now I do know how to A/B test that landing page hero image. And how to make that page copy work with your Facebook ad. I know how dig down into your analytics and see where users are falling out of your funnel. Or how to write a CTA on your blog overlay to match up with your visitor’s stage of brand awareness.


I get it.


I’m obsessed with it.


And I’ll do anything I can to make your messaging work for your brand.


Send me a message.